1. "The Perfect Pickup"
    Chad Rook promotes his new film "The Perfect Pickup" and talks about his Directorial Debut.
  2. "Planet of the Apes"
    Chad talks about his new role in the upcoming 2017 Blockbuster "War for the Planet of the Apes"
  3. "On Da Grine TV"
    Chad talks to host Valentine about his upcoming TV and Film projects.

Chad on go! Vancouver

Chad and "go! Vancouver" host Johanna Ward have a good laugh about his roles and the industry as he sees it.

Houston Comic Con

Chad speaks to APlus Opinions about his upcoming role as the "Weather Wizard" on "The Flash"

Live from Las Vegas

Chad talk to BanJJ Media live from the Las Vegas Comic Con about upcoming projects and his thoughts on Las Vegas itself.


Chad talks about "War for the Planet of the Apes" and "The Flash" live from Pensacon in Pensacola, FL.

Chad speaks to Valentine

Chad and Valentine talk about the Entertainment Industry and go over the struggles, the ups and down and the excitement that comes with the wonderful world of acitng.

Windsor Comic Con Panel

Chad talks about "Arrow" and his new role on "The Flash" at his Q&A Panel at the Windsor Comic Con.

Full Interview with CW

Chad speaks to CW18 about his roles on "The Flash" and "Supernatural" live from Austin, TX.

CW Talks to Chad

Chad speaks to CW18 about his roles on "The Flash" and "Supernatural" live from Austin, TX.

Houston Con Q&A Panel

Chad answers questions from fans at the Q&A Panel in Texas at the Houston Comic Con.

Back On Da Grine

Chad once again sits down and talks with host Valentine about the world of acting and what it takes to be succesfull as an actor.

Chad Rook Panel

Chad sits and talks to fans at his Q&A Panel in Houston, TX at the Houston Con.

BE SCENE Red Carpet Event

Chad speaks to MKP Celebrity Talk live on the Red Carpet at CheckMate Films "BE SCENE" Red Carpet Event in Vancouver, BC.

The Hartley Show

Chad sits down with the crew from "The Hartley Show" to discuss his new role as the "Weather Wizard" on the CW Series "The Flash".

Christmas Comic Con

Chad and host "Stevil" are back at it.  Live from the "Christmas Comic Con" in Windsor, Ontario Canada, Chad and Stevil talk about "The Flash", convention life and more upcoming projects.

Las Vegas Comic Con

The "Geekadores" talk with Chad live at the Las Vegas Comic Con about his upcoming and curent roles and as well, his thoughts on Vegas.

Chad Rook & Caity Lotz

Chad Rook and Caity Lotz talk to fans at the Fantasticon Panel in Milwaukee about their roles on "The Flash" and "Arrow" and also about their careers in the acting industry.


Chad sits down with the hilarious "Stevil" to talk about "War for the Planet of the Apes", "The Flash", "The Perfect Pickup" and more.  Live from the Illinois Comic Con.

"On Da Grine"

Chad sits down with Vancouver to discuss his role on the "The Flash" as the "Weather Wizard" and what it's like to be the first villain on the new CW Series.